Welcome to RUF at Trinity University! Regardless of your beliefs or doubts, RUF is a safe place for you to explore Christianity and grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him in community with others at Trinity University. We are here for the "convinced" and the "unconvinced," the lost, the found, the burned, the bored, and the cynical. We invite you no matter where you are in the process to join us at RUF. 

Throughout the fall semester, RUF will meet on Monday evenings in Meditation Chapel at 9:00p. 

Welcome Freshmen!

I hope that your preparations are going well as you begin this new chapter in your life at Trinity University. Feel free to browse our website and familiarize yourself with RUF at Trinity. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I know that college can be an exciting time; however, it can also be a lonely time. So, as you get settled in and “find your niche” on campus, we would love for you to consider RUF.

Rev. Michael Novak, RUF Campus Minister